Dr. Klaffka

In his 10 year of practice with patients and clients, Dr. Klaffka noticed similarities in the way people spoke about goals and ambitions. He heard numerous people report feeling “stuck” or frustrated by their inability to turn desires into results.
As a Chiropractor, Dr. Klaffka utilizes the chiropractic philosophy to identify and address misalignments in the body that cause disfunction. Similarly, when we have “misalignments” in our beliefs, values or standards, this can lead to disfunction in life. Very often, the feeling of being “stuck” or failing to achieve our goals, can be attributed to an imbalanced or skewed need.
Dr. Klaffka is a graduate of the KBB Method, studying under Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. Through intense training, he has learned proven strategies for identifying and addressing your current limitations and breaking free of them. Dr. Klaffka’s program is a comprehensive results-based coaching program that allow clients to change their mindset and catapult themselves into achieving their aspirations.

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