I am a 31 year old ultra runner who has been seeing Dr. Klaffka for four years. Dr. Klaffka has been of pivotal importance to my racing career by keeping me injury free. When a case of shin splints did hit me hard Dr. Klaffka was able to get me in right away for active release therapy and I was able to run again pain free within days.  His personable nature and vast knowledge in his field has led me to carry his card in my gym bag and refer many of other athletes to his practice.

-Amanda R

"Thank you so much for your dedication to improving the quality of life for your patients. I could not have finished my marathon without your help!"

-Alyssa G.

Trek Inc, Lockport, NY

  • Providing treatment since March of 2014- Present
  • Two hours per week
  • Approximately 150 employees
  • Wellness Based
  • In 16 months the total insurance expense decreased by $200,000

"Dr. Klaffka’s Wellness Program has had a very positive effect on our company. We have experienced great success with helping alleviate our employee’s issues with carpal tunnel, migraines, sciatic, shoulder, back and knee problems. Our employees have experienced less use of medications and doctors’ visits."

3M, Tonawanda, NY

Cindy M. EHS, Security and Quality Manager

  • Providing treatment since March of 2014- Present
  • Four hours per week
  • Approximately 365 employees
  • Worker’s Compensation Based
  • In 16 months the total saved in Worker’s Compensation was $500,000 in potential claims

"The 3M Tonawanda sponge making facility implemented Dr. Klaffka’s Wellness and Preventative Program in March of 2014. Our OSHA total recordable rate was greater than 6 prior to the programs implementation. I’m happy to report that our current 2015 OSHA total recordable rate is 2.3!

Our muscular skeletal injuries have come down significantly and, since the program implementation, it has saved us about $500,000 in worker’s compensation claims. Dr. Klaffka’s presence at the site has also strengthened our Union and Site Management relationship. The employees on the work floor have accepted the program as a proactive approach to addressing their muscular skeletal issues before they become something that affects their work or their home life."

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